Funfetti Cake Batter Bunny Dip

This Funfetti cake batter dip only uses 4 ingredients, tastes like cake batter, and is perfect to dip crackers, pretzels, and even fruit in. Shape it into a bunny and it is the perfect (and easy) Easter appetizer. After the winter that just wouldn’t quit, we are all rejoicing in the fact that Easter is […]

Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

Making perfect hard-boiled eggs is so easy with these simple instructions. Cracked eggs and gray rimmed yolks will be a thing of the past <thankfully> by following these easy steps! 1. First, place eggs in a pot and fill with cold water until eggs are completely covered and you have about an extra half inch […]

Target Look-A-Likes: Favorite Sandals

Is 🎯Target🎯 the happiest place on Earth? Yes, so much fun grabbing a coffee and walking the aisles filling the cart with *only the essentials*! Maybe I will have a Target themed birthday party next year for myself! Last time I visited a local Target I noticed a beautiful dupe of a shoe that I […]

Best Easter Books for Kids

If there is one thing that I love more than holidays….it is holiday books! Books are so nostalgic and even more so when you pull them out of a tub year after year. The kids get so excited to get out the Easter decorations and spring-ify the house. My Easter and spring books are tucked […]


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