Simple “Shark Week” Family Night

It’s here…my kids’ favorite…Shark Week! Find out some easy ways to throw a simple “Shark Week” Family Night at home! Cue the Jaws music! Forget “Christmas” in July…we are here for the sharks! Personally, I love a good theme and I LOVE to keep it simple. And my kids love sharks. Therefore, we started celebrating […]

Marble Dipped Marshmallow Egg Pops

Marble Dipped Marshmallow Egg Pops are not only tasty, they are beautiful! Make them with your kids today for a show-stopping Easter treat! I’ve said this before, but dipped treats are where its at! They are so easy to make and fun for all. Whether you decide to use colored candy melts or almond bark […]

Musee Bath Favorites for Spring

The first day of spring is tomorrow and our baths are ready for it! In case you haven’t noticed, we are obsessed with Musee Bath products! Today we are sharing our Musee Bath favorites for spring! We love everything that Musee Bath releases, but we were especially smitten with the spring collection. No, they are […]

Rainbow Fruit Board

Top ‘O the morning to you! March is the perfect time to serve your family a Rainbow Fruit Board! Check out how easy this board is to put together! If there is one thing that I have learned over years of meal prep, it is that my family will eat fruit and veggies if I […]


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