The Gratitude Attitude

Practicing the gratitude attitude as a family is a meaningful activity and encourages you and yours to have a thankful and grateful heart and mind. Whine, whine, whine. I feel like that is all my kids do somedays. They complain that they have to go to school, that their younger siblings are “so annoying”, and […]

Rice Krispie Treats Pumpkin Pie

Do you have kids that are afraid to try new things and thus haven’t discovered the deliciousness that is pumpkin pie?! Here is the perfect solution- Rice Krispie Treats Pumpkin Pie. It is easy to create this Thanksgiving treat! It is as simple as making regular Rice Krispie Treats and molding them into a faux […]

Pottery Barn Christmas Looks for Less

Now that it is (almost) the middle of November, it seems like it is socially acceptable to start full-on decorating for the Christmas holidays. 🎄 Of course, if you have been cozied up in front of your decorated Christmas tree for a few weeks already, I say good for you! The coziness of the house […]

The Flight Girls Book Review and Discussion Questions

Looking for a great new book to read? The Flight Girls is my November recommendation! I have been reading primarily historical fiction for years now. Check my book reviews….you will find many historical books. This type of writing transforms you to a different time and place. I love to read the book and then do […]


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